Air Cooled FM Transmitter

Key facts:

• Features energy efficiency up to 75%

• Delivers up to 3 kW output power per case

•Reduces installation costs thanks to compact footprint and all in one implementation

• Provides easy installation, service and low maintenance costs thanks to modular system design

• N+1 redundant system configuration is available

• Sourced from innovate medium power and high power amplifiers have been blended with built-in high efficiency power supplies

• Utilizes the Extremely Rugged 50 V LDMOS technology

• Incorporates best in class FM Exciter providing excellent on-air sound quality with built-in Stereo and RDS Encoder

• Fully broadband 87.5 to 108 MHz without any requirement to trimming or part replacement thanks to innovate System Management Unit

• Provides full task system control and monitoring with user friendly GUIs (locally or remotely via a computer from anywhere in the world) thanks to its task oriented System Management Unit

• Proudly offers extreme robustness and low service costs due to innovate all in one system design