ASI Smart Switch

Key facts:

• Features extra high redundancy with Automatic or Manual TS switching

• N+1 redundant system configuration is available

• Equipped with up to four independent ASI switching blocks in 1RU chassis

• Each ASI switching block accepts four independent ASI inputs and prepares four ASI outputs plus independent ASI monitoring ports

• Could be configured as four independent 1+1, two 2+1, one 3+1 or one 4+1 ASI smart switcher for TS feed interface of DVB-T/T2 transmitters in 1RU chassis

• Fully compatible with DVB-ASI Standards

• High performance with output bitrates up to 120Mb/s ASI TS bitrate for each ASI input

• Provides redundant power supply

•TS Sync loss detection for each ASI input

• Complete TS data rate measurement for each ASI input

• Effective data rate measurement for each ASI input

• Provides full task system control and monitoring with user friendly GUIs (locally or remotely via a computer from anywhere in the world)

•Reduces installation costs thanks to compact footprint

• Provides low maintenance costs, easy installation and service due to modular system design

• Proudly offers extreme robustness, performance and low service costs due to innovate design